Mass production begins for the new guards of the Turkish coast

Serial production of 122 control boats, which will be procured by the defense and shipbuilding industry for use in the security needs of the Turkish coast, has started.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industries, İsmail Demir, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they are continuing their efforts to provide the security forces with the most modern vehicles and equipment with the facilities of the Turkish defense industry.

Stating that one of these projects is for the supply of control boats, Demir said, “We are now starting the mass production of our control boat. With the project where we will produce 122 boats for the Coast Guard Command and the General Directorate of Security, we aim to more effectively carry out the fight against irregular migration, search and rescue, fight against smuggling and safety/security operations from the sea. We aim.” said.

Within the scope of the Control Boat Agreement signed between Ares Shipyard and Presidency of Defense Industries, 122 boats will be procured in order to meet the task needs of the Coast Guard Command and the General Directorate of Security.

Accordingly, combating irregular migration, search/rescue activities, combating smuggling, and maritime safety/security operations will be carried out effectively in the surrounding seas and inland waters.

The final stage has been reached within the scope of qualification activities for the first boat whose production has been completed. For the first boat, port/navigation tests and structural tests were carried out and the final stage, the operational test phase, continues. At the same time, mass production activities were also started.

The 12-meter-long ARES 35 FPB (Fast Patrol Boat-Fast Patrol Boat), which will be produced with vacuum infusion technology using two internal diesel engines and water jets and carbon reinforced advanced composite, will have a maximum speed of 35 knots and a range of 160 nautical miles.

The boats will be built according to Türk Loydu norms and rules, and will operate in all coastal regions of Turkey.

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