New investments will be made and employment will be provided in Kocaeli

When the investments included in the scope of incentives in Kocaeli in the first quarter of the year are completed, it is anticipated that 2,918 people will be employed.

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the number of incentive certificates given for investments to be made in Kocaeli in the January-March period increased by 39 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

While 95 incentive certificates were issued in the first quarter of 2020 for the investments planned to be implemented in Kocaeli, 132 complete new investment, modernization and expansion projects were entitled to benefit from state supports in the same period of this year.

Of the investments covered by the incentive, 116 were industrial projects, 13 were services, 2 were energy and 1 were agricultural projects. When the projected fixed investment amount of 3 billion 392 million TL is completed, it is planned to create 2 thousand 918 new jobs.

Wind Power Plant will be established

Projects that qualify for investment support vary from industry to agriculture, from energy to education. The wind power plant to be built in Kandira by an energy company with domestic capital took the first place in terms of the size of the projected investment amount.

The installed capacity of the power plant, which will be implemented with an investment cost of approximately 322 million TL, will be 49 megawatts and will provide employment for 12 people when completed.

Smart phone will be produced in Kocaeli

Among the projects that received incentive certificates, the investment of a foreign-funded smartphone manufacturer company also attracted attention. The company, which will establish a factory with an annual production capacity of 1 million 140 thousand 416 smartphones with an investment cost of 128 million TL in Gebze, will employ 100 people here.

A foreign capital company that offers high technology solutions in product safety has also received an investment incentive certificate for the factory to be established in Gebze.

The factory, where 464 tons of printed, self-adhesive paper labels will be produced annually, will provide employment for 50 people when completed.

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