Turkish engineers developed a robot that prepares orders 5 times faster

Migros accelerates the preparation of product orders with the increase in intense demand with the robot-assisted product collection assistant developed by Turkish engineers.

Migros has launched a robot-assisted product picking assistant TARO, a first in the world in robotic technologies, which is of great importance in e-order picking.

Developed by Turkish engineers, the robot-assisted product picking assistant adds a great momentum to the preparation of product orders in response to the intense demand increase.

We added speed to our speed

Sharing his views on the subject, Migros Ticaret A.Ş. Chief Executive Officer Özgür Tort pointed out that with the technology in question, they speeded up their speed.

Tort said:

“Our customers now enjoy the convenience and comfort of ordering any product from their home with a single click. We know that they attach importance to speed as well as quality in both offline and online shopping. We continue our investments to provide our customers with a flawless and up-to-date experience with our pioneering and innovative applications. In order to meet the intense demand, especially with the pandemic process, while expanding our organization by providing additional employment, we also added the option of picking up from the store for operational speed and efficiency, and launched our shadow stores. Now, we are pioneering a technological development that will affect the direction of world retail beyond today’s retail and in the future. We accelerated our speed with TARO, the robot-assisted product collection assistant that we put into use in our store warehouses, and our product collection speed in online orders has increased 5 times.”

“TARO will prepare half of the orders from our Virtual Market application”

Noting that product collection assistants will make a significant contribution to their productivity by reducing errors to zero and will be the biggest assistant of their employees, Tort said, “We will prepare 50 percent of Migros Virtual Market orders with TARO by the end of the year. “We have achieved another first in the retail sector.”

We can consider exporting

Stating that they have added a new technology to the world retail with their knowledge in physical retailing and e-commerce in international retail, Tort stated that they can be used in distribution centers as well as physical stores, “As a company, robotic systems are integrated with artificial intelligence and algorithms. We will also enable the export of this technological system, which works and is the first in the world, for the use of international retail. “ said.

It’s time to write the success stories of the Turks

Asis Otomation CEO Yusuf Kaya drew attention to the fact that they implemented the technology in less than 12 months from the thought phase, the harmonious work of the teams and the expertise and experience of their companies in the field of robotics and industrial automation.

Kaya said, “Now is the time to carry this technology abroad with Migros and to write new success stories.” he concluded his words.

Completes orders quickly and without errors

With the robot, which creates the most accurate and shortest road map under the guidance of smart shelves in the store, three orders can be collected at the same time.

The system, which uses artificial intelligence and sensor technologies, where thousands of algorithms work in the background, thus quickly reaches the products included in the order.

LED lights on the smart shelves light up to show the product, pointing to the correct product at the target. With the QR readers and basket weight sensors on the robot, the product is verified by Migros employees and the order is completed without error.

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