Pardus 21 update has been released with its renewed design

Pardus’ new update with radical changes, Pardus 21.0, has been released.

One of the biggest updates of Pardus to date, the Pardus 21.0 update has been released. With Pardus 21, radical changes were made in the interface design. In addition to the design changes, it gained a faster and more stable structure.

Pardus operating system, which was developed with domestic facilities within TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM, is developed on the basis of Debian GNU/Linux. With the update released today, the version number has increased from 19.5 to 21. The updates published until 2023 will be published with the version number of Pardus 21. It uses the 5.10 LTS version of the Linux kernel. It will receive security updates until the end of 2026. Thus, it will meet the long-term support needs of corporate users.

With Pardus 21, the color palette of the operating system has changed. Icon sets have been refreshed. The Xfce 4.16 desktop environment has gotten a very modern look. Xfce 4.16 desktop environment accelerated. It will offer faster experience on older computers. Gnome 3.38 version is used in the Gnome desktop environment. New features such as fingerprint reader, parental control, easy wireless internet sharing have been added.

Getting easier to use

Users accustomed to Windows were initially stunned when they switched to Pardus and had difficulties in setting up and downloading applications. Pardus 21 comes with many innovations that provide convenience to new users.

After the installation of Pardus 21, the Welcome application welcomes the user. With this application, users can easily configure the desktop, choose the wallpaper and color theme, and adjust the size of the icons on the desktop. It allows easy modification of various frequently used settings.

With Pardus 21, Pardus Store is shelved and replaced by Pardus Software Center. Pardus Software Center allows thousands of applications to be installed with one click.

Another innovation that makes it easier to use is made on the driver’s side. Thanks to the AirPrint and AirScan infrastructure, users will be able to use thousands of printers and scanners plug-and-play without the hassle of drivers.

With the new software called Pardus Power Manager, the power consumption of the system can be changed with one click. It offers 5 different power options such as performance, power saving, high power saving.

One of the remarkable innovations of Pardus 21 is the addition of exFAT file system support. Thanks to the exFAT file system, which is the advanced version of FAT32, users will not be stuck at the 4 GB limit when transferring files from USB drives and SD cards. USB sticks and SD cards in exFAT format can also be used on Windows and MAC computers. Thus, it will be easier for those who use different operating systems.

The Pardus 21 installation package includes office software LibreOffice, graphic editor Gimp, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, music and video player software that users will need. Internet tools, video editor, audio editor and hundreds of games are also included in the Pardus 21 package.

In addition to its design and useful features, Pardus 21 also includes speed, security and stability improvements.

Updates in application and package repositories with Pardus 21.0

  • Linux kernel 5.10 LTS (Long Term Support) release
  • LibreOffice 7.0 (Office software set)
  • Apache 2.4.48
  • BIND DNS Server 9.16
  • Calligra office software suite 3.2
  • Cryptsetup 2.3
  • Emacs 27.1
  • Gimp 2.10.22 (Professional graphic editor)
  • GnuPG 2.2.20 (Encryption tool)
  • Inkscape 1.0.2 (vector drawing application)
  • PHP 7.4
  • PostgreSQL 13
  • Python 3, 3.9.1
  • Samba 4.13 (Network and peripheral access/management tool)

How to download Pardus 21.0 ISO file

You can visit to download Pardus 21.

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