Participation at primary school level from Konya was quite high in Teknofest

The students and teachers of Çomaklı Primary School, located in the Meram district of Konya, attended Teknofest.

In TEKNOFEST 2021, held at Çomaklı Primary School Atatürk Airport in Meram district of Konya, it made its mark in the finals with its project named PİYANOYOL in the Intelligent Transportation Category.

Team consultant Halil Yavuz EZGİNCİ (43) has been working on the project, which they developed with team captain Ahmet KARATAŞ (40) and two junior members Ayşe Zehra YENİLMEZ (9) and Havva Nisa BOZKURT (10), which provides road lighting by making use of the weight of heavy vehicles on intercity roads. team members who say they are working; They said that they held frequent meetings during this process and that they were doing a project that was constantly developing.

Expressing that they are very happy that the TEKNOFEST adventure, which started as a dream at first, ended in this way, they emphasized that the team is now very confident in the projects they want to be the first in teknofest 2021.

“We never lost our faith”

Halil Yavuz EZGİNCİ, the team consultant of the project, which attracted great attention from the visitors at the TEKNOFEST 2021 Smart Transportation booth; He emphasized that they never lost their faith and achieved success in this adventure that they started as a village school, and that they never lost their faith and achieved success.

Team captain Ahmet KARATAŞ; He said that they worked as a team in the development of the project and that they were in constant contact during this process. The team captain, who said that when starting the project, it was aimed to expand the horizons of the students and that they wanted to see what they can do from now on, thanks to all the employees, especially the T3 foundation, who organized the teknofest.

The team members, on the other hand, said that the excitement of participating in TEKNOFEST 2021 was read from their eyes and that they were proud of showing the whole country how great things they could achieve despite their young age.

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