Sensitive leaders are growing between Turkey and Bangladesh with GLTS

GLTS, which started a worldwide development and change movement, was established in Bangladesh and GLTS has actively trained leaders, especially in the Middle East and Asia.

Leaders came together to exchange technology and ideas between Turkey and Bangladesh, and fraternal ties were established between the two countries. Studies for technology transfer from Turkey to Bangladesh are starting very soon and the companies established between the two countries will be matched, in this way, trade agreements will be signed.

The products produced by Bangladesh’s young minds are valued by Turkey. Meetings will be held with the leading universities of Bangladesh in the field of engineering and software and a new era of development will begin.

Turkey has always given importance to Asian and African countries and continues to increase its activities.

What is GLTS?

The Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS) is a world record holder, multi-professional global Global Law Thinkers Society GLTS – a World Record Holder, Multi Professional Global Networking Platform. President Raoman Smita said, “We have created a Global Family”. This voluntary, charitable, non-profitable, non-political and social organization’s Headquarter is in Bangladesh. It has Chapters in more than 100 Countries. It has over 30 Categories Professional Network.

Mission of GLTS are

  • Global Multi-Professional Network – to exchange, knowledge, ideas, skills and culture.
  • Youth Development & Empowerment – to mentor young and youth to become resilient, compassionate leader and active citizen. Empower them through skill training and personal development.
  • Establish Peace – to bring peace worldwide through exchange programs, initiatives and building projects.
  • Restoration Green World – to save, protect, bring environmental justice and build green environment for a healthy world.

Vision of GLTS Family is to establish a green breathable world where one takes leadership of own life, be active citizen, help each others for growth and build a peaceful world all together.

GLTS has taken 3 major initiatives in 2021. First initiative is Youth Empower School YES to train, educate young and youth, establish youth support center and ensure education for all. Secondly, GLTS TV- an online television by the youth for the youth for showcasing youth activities, programs, give them a platform for their voice, to provide authentic news and information and other programs that helps them to be a positive human being and the 3rd initiative is YothCash- an international entrepreneurs and business hub for youth so they get financial freedom in life.

GLTS Headquarter and GLTS Turkey are collaborating for the training and learning institute YES.” GLTS Turkey Country Leader MR. Emre Uludag said, “We united globally and planning to ensure education for all”.

Global law Thinkers Society, a youth run organization came this far with a dream for building better world together. They believe, it is one world and all should work together to live peacefully on earth. They said, we must ensure better life for our present and future generations. To know more about them visit

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