Artificial intelligence flew the F-16

While artificial intelligence technology began to be used in warplanes, some countries increased their steps toward software development. In this context, there has been a development regarding the US’s 4th generation fighter aircraft, the F-16s. The F-16 Vistas, modified by the USA to develop artificial intelligence systems, completed the test autonomously in 2 hours. Thus, the American Air Force will be able to adjust the jets according to the war conditions by using the software it wants.

With the Russia-Ukraine war and the increasing tensions between China and Taiwan, countries accelerated their defense investments. The developing technology world has enabled countries to make great progress in integrating artificial intelligence systems into the defense industry. In this context, there has been a development in the F-16s. F-16s made autonomous flights in the USA every two hours.


During a December 9 flight by the US Air Force, the pilot transferred control of the special and highly modified F-16 to an autonomously piloted artificial intelligence system. Less than two hours later, the same F-16 took to the skies again for the second flight of a completely different AI.

With these first two flights, the Air Force unlocked a new capability that allows it to make rapid improvements to algorithms based on test results. Thus, the planes will be able to fly again in a few hours thanks to artificial intelligence.

Experts state that these abilities gained by the F-16 Vista will be critical since artificial intelligence is an emerging technology.

Chris Cotting, research director of the Air Force Test Pilot School, stated that he could fly the plane twice a day. “If I want to change something. I’ll go to the plane and change the software. The plane itself acts like a simulator.” said.

With this artificial intelligence support, F-16 warplanes can easily be prepared for different flight and attack capabilities. (Evening)

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