Two Turkish partners to the team in the Dutch league

Netherlands-based international gaming company Azerion, founded by two Turkish entrepreneurs in 2015, became a partner in 20 percent of Fortuna Sittard in the Dutch League.

Known for its Habbo Hotel and Hotel Hideaway games, Azerion, which operates in advertising technologies as well as digital games, bought 20 percent of Fortuna Sittard.

Işıtan Gün, who previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Planning and Business Development at Galatasaray, and has been the owner and chairman of Fortuna Sittard since 2017, said in a statement, “Like Azerion, it has a very high global impact and is not only a game but also an advertisement. We are very happy and excited to be collaborating with a company that has unprecedented expertise and knowledge in the field of technology. Seeing how harmonious the organizational and cultural structures of the two companies were from the moment the foundations of our cooperation began to be laid, motivated us even more to achieve common goals.’

Azerion Founding Partner and CEO Atilla Aytekin, who underlined his excitement for cooperation from the very first moment, said in a statement, “The warm welcome at our first meeting at the stadium made us feel at home. As football fans, we were very happy to see great similarities between this great club and Azerion. They have established a huge family with their supporters, just as we have with our player base. We know how valuable it is to establish such close relationships through our games like Habbo Hotel and Hotel Hideaway. It is very important for us to invest in this wonderful club where we have similar values. We believe this partnership is a very important step for the future of digital football.”

Azerion will go to Fortune Sittard to cooperate not only in capital but also in technology. Aiming to achieve a healthy and successful commercial growth among football fans with this cooperation, Azerion will also work to make Fortune Sittard a stable player in the Dutch 1st League with its technology experiences.

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