Vestel to Export Electric Chargers

Vestel has signed a new cooperation for electric vehicle chargers (EVC), the usage of which is increasing all over the world.

Delivering the technologies it manufactures in Turkey to 157 countries around the world, Vestel launched a new cooperation that will contribute to Turkey’s exports and reached an agreement with E.ON, one of Germany’s leading energy companies, for the production of electric chargers.

Vestel devices will be used at 28 thousand points in Germany

Within the framework of the agreement, the German company will expand its electric vehicle charger portfolio with new and up-to-date technology products with the agreement signed with Vestel.

In Germany, where the use of electric vehicles is increasing day by day, there are around 28 thousand E.ON electric vehicle charging points at home and on the road.

Electric chargers produced by the company will be used at the charging stations.

Turan Erdoğan, CEO of Vestel

“We continue cooperation and agreements abroad”

Making a statement on the subject, Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan stated that the most important way to effectively and balanced use of world resources and to combat climate change is through the use of renewable energy resources, both on an institutional and individual basis.

Stating that the increase in the use of electric vehicles that utilize renewable energy is important, but on the other hand, the accessibility and expansion of charging points is of key importance, Erdoğan said, “As Vestel, we have included this area in our investment plans long ago. As a result of this vision, we are making many cooperation and agreements abroad. We have reached an agreement with E.ON, one of Germany’s well-established energy companies. Our company’s technology will be used at the charging stations in Germany.”

We work for a more ecological and digital energy world

E.ON produces solutions on photovoltaic panels, energy storage, electromobility, smart meters, energy controls and efficiency.

The company, which has a total of 6 thousand employees, operates in many locations throughout Germany.

The company, which receives services from approximately 14 million residences, workplaces and industrial zones, continues its efforts for a more ecological and digital energy world.

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