Vice President Oktay: A completely wrong start for both Biden and US foreign policy

Vice President Oktay: A completely wrong start for both Biden and US foreign policy

“I believe in making a completely wrong start for both himself and US foreign policy,” President Oktay said in Biden’s statement on the 1915 events. said.

Vice President Fuat Oktay answered questions on the agenda in the “Strait Talk” program broadcast on TRT World.

When asked why US President Joe Biden described the events of 1915 as “genocide”, Oktay said that this act was “a great misfortune” above all.

Anadolu Agency

Oktay stated that this issue is on the agenda of the Western world, and that such an unfortunate statement was made with the arrival of the Biden administration.

Vice President Fuat Oktay answered questions on the agenda in the “Strait Talk” program broadcast on TRT World. (Arda Küçükkaya – Anadolu Agency)

Vice President Oktay said that the first reason for Biden’s action was “domestic policy motives”.

Stating that the second reason is that Biden declared that “the USA will return to the international world stage”, Oktay said, “I think (Biden) is trying to use such a phenomenon as one of the means to return to a part of the world. These two reasons are both himself and the USA. I believe it is a completely wrong start for his foreign policy. ” used the expression.

Oktay stated that Biden’s statement should be based on “historical facts and evidence”.

“You cannot make a historical decision because of the promises made to the Armenian or Armenian-influenced lobbies.”

Asked about why the international community ignored Turkey’s calls to establish an international commission to examine the archives of the two countries, Oktay replied that even any primary school student could understand Turkey’s proposal to form a committee established by historians, not politicians.

Stating that politicians can act depending on the tendency of political reasons, Oktay said, “You cannot make a historical decision and hold a nation responsible for genocide just because of the promises made to lobbies affected by Armenians or Armenians. The term genocide itself is not an easy word to use for everyone.”

The future of US relations

“What consequences will the US President Biden’s statement have on Turkey-US relations? Have the bonds been damaged beyond repair?” Oktay said that there are some issues that the two countries have already discussed.

Noting that they are doing their best to open new communication channels, Oktay stated that this statement adds an extra complexity to relationships.

Oktay reminded that the US donating tons of weapons to the YPG / PKK terrorist organization is a real problem between Turkey and the US in recent years.

On the other hand, Oktay said that the leader of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) lives in the USA and the USA does nothing about it constitutes another problem.

“We look forward to the US administration to reconsider its decisions”

Emphasizing that the two countries have always concentrated on opportunities, Oktay said, “Even during these decisions, the two Presidents talked to each other. They will meet at the NATO summit in June. I hope this will be a new beginning.” said.

Oktay said, “Turkey is a country in the region where any country in the whole world should be together in order to develop or implement any policy in the region.” found the assessment.

Oktay, who suggested to put these problems aside and solve the problems one by one, said, “Let’s form committees, work on technically and look at a brighter future. Then let’s work on the potentials between the two countries.” he spoke.

Oktay, reminding the target of a trade volume of 100 billion dollars with the USA, stated that Turkey made an agreement with a country and that the change of the president did not change anything.

Pointing out that Turkey’s fight against the PKK / YPG continues to be Turkey’s priority, Oktay said that this is directly related to the security of Turkey and the Turkish people.

Oktay said, “We are doing our best. We have been partners with the US for years, but the relations need to be reset again. We should make a new start in June. We look forward to the US administration to reconsider its decisions.” said.

“The Greek Cypriots did not really bring a new offer to the table”

On the question of how he evaluated the outcome of the unofficial conference on Cyprus, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland in 5 + 1 format with the participation of Cypriot parties and guarantor countries on April 27-29, under the leadership of the United Nations (UN), Oktay said that the Cyprus issue is not only political but also in daily life. He said it was also included.

Stating that there are some problems regarding the Cyprus issue, Oktay emphasized that it is extremely important to have equality in all areas, both human and international.

Pointing out that this is the reality on the island, Oktay said, “There are two states. There are two separate democracies, two separate governments and identities, there is a border between the countries, there are two different laws that govern these two parts. Basically, what Turkish Cypriots expect is 1960. They are sovereign and equal states instead of talking or discussing a federal structure as we have done since the 1980s. ” used the expression.

Saying “Let’s look at a new vision”, Oktay stated that the conference was held to see if there was a ground or hope for a new vision.

“What TRNC President Tatar brought to the table is indeed a new vision. The Greek Cypriots did not bring a new proposal to the table, they came with what they said for the last 60 years,” Oktay said. said.

“Maraş is the TRNC territory”

Oktay, on the question about the reopening of Maraş and its role in relations, “Maraş is the territory of the TRNC.” he replied.

Vice President Oktay stated that instead of discussing the partnership of the two communities, the current vision is to talk about sovereign and independent state relations, local and international relations, in a two-state way.

Emphasizing that Maraş is the territory of the TRNC, which is an independent and sovereign state, Oktay said, “The TRNC basically does not have to ask anyone, even the Greek Cypriots, why it has opened the Maraş Coast to its own people and those who will go there.” he spoke.

Oktay, reminding that Varosha is one of the best tourist destinations not only in Cyprus but in the whole region and has been closed for 46 years, he said that what is claimed is the question of why we should close such a good beauty.

“What is there now, nobody lives there and it’s like a battlefield when you enter the city. We want to bring the economy back and Turkey fully supports it.” Oktay said the following regarding the reaction of the Greek side:

“Since they do not recognize the TRNC, they do not recognize the Turkish Cypriots, their equal rights, the sovereignty and independence of the TRNC. They believe that they are the sole owner of the whole island. They are the only decision maker and the sole owner of all resources. They are the only people on the island, none of the others have equal rights. If the TRNC takes new decisions, we will definitely support these decisions. “

Oktay emphasized that there is a different state on the island and Turkey recognizes and recognizes that this state is a sovereign, independent, democratic state. In other words, Turkey currently supports the visionary decisions of the TRNC and Turkey and the TRNC will be together in this adventure. ” used the expression.

“Turkey is the party paying the price in this matter”

Oktay emphasized that on the 10th anniversary of the arrival of Syrian refugees in Turkey, regardless of the reason for the conflict, the issue is always human and people pay the price.

Stating that the Assad regime is still there, Oktay stated that the international community is also on the ground there to speak its word.

Oktay, pointing out that the real hurt here are the individuals, “Can you imagine that you lived 10 years away from your own home and without knowing what will happen in the future? This is exactly what happened in Syria.” said.

Referring to the fact that Turkey has suffered from this conflict in the last 10 years like people, Oktay said that Turkey is also fighting terrorist organizations such as DAESH, PKK / YPG / PYD in the region.

Oktay, “We are trying to protect our borders and our citizens. Turkey is the paying party on this issue. We host about 4 million Syrians. We spent billions of dollars without proper assistance.” he spoke.

“The EU and the international community just like to talk”

Stating that the burden of Turkey is not shared by its European and Western partners, Oktay emphasized that the promises of aid given were not kept and he wondered how long Turkey could continue in this way.

Oktay noted the following:

“The EU and the international community just like to talk. When you bring an issue to the UN, to the EU, everyone likes to talk and make promises, but they don’t like to implement their promises or offer solutions to problems. The aid to Turkey is still less than $ 4 billion. It has spent more than a billion dollars. The issue has not only economic but also social and cultural impacts and consequences, apart from the dollar. “

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