Vice President: Turkey Will Play for Leadership in Flying Vehicles

Vice President Fuat Oktay also attended the Efficiency Technology Fair held at the ATO Congresium. Oktay stated that Turkey has made progress in different departments in the field of technology and that Turkey will play for the world leadership when it comes to flying vehicles.

Participating in the International Productivity and Technology Fair held at the ATO Congressium, Vice President Fuat Oktay; In his speech, where he mentioned the importance of artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and robotic systems, he made statements that we can call quite ambitious.

In his speech, Oktay also touched upon the benefits of development with technology and the critical role of not falling behind in technology in catching up with developments in certain fields.

“When we come to flying vehicles, you will see a Turkey that will play for the world leadership”

This statement, which we can say is quite ambitious, comes from the speech of Vice President Fuat Oktay. In his statements, Oktay stated that electric vehicles are not just vehicles, and said:

“To raise a separate sector that will be the locomotive of the sector in electronics, autonomous and informatics, and that will act as the locomotive of the developed supplier industry. Beyond a Turkey that says we are only in electric vehicles now, there are investments we have made to the next stage. In other words, when we come to flying vehicles, you will see a Turkey that will play for the world leadership.”

Apart from flying vehicles, Oktay also talked about 239 R&D centers and 79 Technoparks established under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The following statements are made by them:

“We are still working and will try to establish much more than this. We manage 750 defense industry projects with a volume of over 60 billion dollars. We will increase this number and the volume of the project. I am not saying that we will establish a Turkey that is watched by the world, not the world, but we are building it. We offered the public service of 805 groups to our citizens via e-Government. We will further increase this number by including local governments and the private sector, and contribute to decision-making processes with the analysis of big data.”

Stating that technological developments will be closely followed in the field of medicine, apart from these areas, Oktay said:

“We will witness together that we will achieve the same success not only in the vaccine but also in the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices, by bringing the development and success we have achieved in the Defense Industry to its feet here, as well as the ecosystem.”

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