1.28 billion dollar automotive exports from Sakarya in the first quarter

Sakarya’s exports in the automotive sector in the first quarter were recorded as 1 billion 287 million 916 thousand dollars.

Car manufacturers, who were in a very difficult situation due to the coronavirus, had to close their factories and stop production.

Sakarya, which started to compensate its losses rapidly with the resumption of giant companies such as Toyota, Otokar and TürkTraktör, started the new year briskly.

1.28 billion dollars automotive exports in the first quarter

Sakarya, which has an important place in Turkey’s automotive exports, exported 1 billion 427 million 605 thousand dollars in the first quarter of the year.

The automotive sector had the largest share in the city’s exports with 90.2 percent. The foreign sales of the sector in the January-March period were recorded as 1 billion 287 million 916 thousand dollars.

In Sakarya, home to Turkey’s leading automotive companies, 58.54 of the 83.491 vehicles produced in the first quarter of the year were exported.

Most exports to France

During the period in question, the most exports from the city were made to France with 173 million 983 thousand dollars. Compared to the same period last year, there was a 28.4 percent increase in exports to this country.

The second country to which Sakarya exports the most was the United Kingdom with 158 million 315 thousand dollars.

This country was followed by Spain with 131 million 591 thousand dollars, Germany with 116 million 884 thousand dollars and Italy with 97 million 629 thousand dollars.

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