Huawei: we are determined to support Turkey in digitalization

Huawei Turkey General Manager Jing Li said that their determination to continue investments in Turkey and contribute to the development of the IT industry continues.

Speaking at the digital transformation panel held as part of the Forum Istanbul Conference, Huawei Turkey General Manager Jing Li expressed that they are determined to continue investments in Turkey and contribute to the development of the IT industry.

“Pandemic forced telecom infrastructure”

Speaking at the panel titled “Digital Transformation: Change with Geometric Speed” held as part of the Forum Istanbul Conference held online between May 24-28 this year, Jing Li evaluated the situation of the telecom industry and explained his views on investments and Turkey.

Li stated that due to Covid-19, people work from home, receive education, have fun and turn to e-commerce for shopping, which puts a great strain on the telecom infrastructure.

“We made great efforts to deliver on time”

“Mobile data traffic has increased significantly compared to before, and it has been transferred from commercial areas to residential areas, from large cities to smaller residential areas, and from open areas to indoor areas. This means that wireless network capacity and coverage are quickly optimized to meet demand,” said Jing Li. The fixed internet service, known as home internet, needed higher speed, lower latency and a more stable service infrastructure for a stronger connection.” said.

Noting that the field teams especially focus on infrastructure works, as fiber broadband, transmission networks and data center server/storage capacities also need to be improved rapidly to support mobile connectivity and respond to increasing traffic, Li said that the delivery teams make great efforts to deliver the products on time even if there are restrictions. .

Huawei Turkey General Manager Jing Li

“Cloud infrastructure-based services will come to the fore”

Noting that digitalization will play an important role in the future in order to support economic growth and improve human life, Li touched upon the development of IT infrastructure in Turkey.

Pointing out that land, air and sea transportation in Turkey is at the level of world standards, Li said, “However, it is very important that data transmission is at world standards. This means that we will need more frequencies for wireless communication and more fiber resources for higher capacity. Services based on basic cloud infrastructure will also gain importance in this process.” he said.

“The pillar of transformation is 5G”

Underlining the key importance of 5G in the digitalization of industries with its unique capabilities such as machine-to-machine communication, high-security low-latency communication and advanced mobile broadband, Jing Li said that the cooperation to be provided with the participation of all stakeholders will form the basis of 5G technology.

Stating that the deep involvement and cooperation of business partners in the process is of great importance, Li also said that the willingness of companies leading their sectors to benefit from 5G to increase their productivity will be the key to the industrial success of 5G. As Huawei, we want to bring the experience we gained in China to Turkey, and support the success of local enterprises and SMEs in 5GtoB (5G for the business world).”

Li concluded his speech by emphasizing his firm’s determination to invest in Turkey and contribute to Turkey’s IT development.

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