Turkey will be Vodafone’s next generation innovation center

Vodafone has achieved another success in line with its goal of positioning Turkey as a center of excellence within the Vodafone Group.

According to the statement made by the company, Vodafone, which redesigned its network in line with its Tech2025 strategy, decided to establish its new generation innovation center in Turkey.

In the center to be implemented in Istanbul, new generation technologies such as Open Radio Access (OpenRAN) and Network Based Platform (NaaP) will be developed.

The center, where 26 Turkish engineers will work at the first stage, will play an important role both in supporting the domestic and national production ecosystem and in the development of the general strategy and architecture of the telecommunication sector. The center will also lead other Vodafone countries in the development of future digital technologies.

OpenRAN, which enables service providers to redesign their networks with a brand new architecture, transforms end-to-end hardware-centered monolithic networks into software-supported networks.

The move to interoperable and open OpenRAN technologies will enable many companies to provide innovative products and solutions, enable faster and more efficient deployment of 5G networks, and pave the way for personalized networks.

With OpenRAN technologies, Vodafone plans to go beyond the limitations of today’s radio networks and establish more intelligent, flexible and automated networks, while also aiming to increase efficiency, improve service quality, and reduce network distribution and management costs.

NaaP, a software-based initiative that provides mutual and easy integration of network platforms with industry solutions, makes it possible to offer richer services, as well as the rapid implementation of improvements and innovations by opening network APIs (Application Programming Interface) to consumers, business platforms and third parties.

While Vodafone carries its corporate infrastructure to the world of cloud services, thanks to NaaP, it aims to offer API-based solutions by going beyond Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions; thus, it aims to be the enabler of many technologies that add more value and bring innovative and different industry solutions.

“We aim to position Turkey as a center of excellence”

Thibaud Rerolle, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Vodafone Turkey, whose views were included in the statement, stated that they aim to position Turkey as a center of excellence.

Underlining that technology and experience export is a priority issue for Vodafone Turkey, Rerolle said:

“As we transfer our global experience to Turkey, we also export our successful applications in Turkey abroad. Now, we are getting ready to take one more step and make Turkey the next generation innovation center of Vodafone. At the center to be established in Istanbul, OpenRAN and NaaP technologies will be studied. With these technologies, we aim to pave the way for end-to-end software-supported services, increase efficiency and service diversity, and bring flexibility and speed to 5G and Internet of Things networks. Our work here will not only play a role in the network strategy and development of the market, but will also offer more opportunities to the industry. We believe that our center will also contribute significantly to the development of the local and national ecosystem in Turkey. As Vodafone Turkey, we will continue to work to set an example for the world with our expertise in digitalization.’

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