Turkey’s largest warship: TCG Anadolu

Under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries, the sheet metal cutting of TCG Anadolu, which will be the largest warship of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) navy, was made on April 30, 2016, with a ceremony attended by President Erdoğan.

After the completion of the port acceptance tests, which started on 1 July 2020, the ship’s sea acceptance tests began on 20 June 2022.

The Anadolu ship, whose first helicopter deployment was made on 17 November 2022, is planned to be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in the first months of this year.

Advent, the national and local war management system, is used on the ship, which is approximately three football fields long. TCG Anadolu, which is Turkey’s largest warship and the world’s first SİHA ship, is expected to start duty in 2023.

Equipped with state-of-the-art radars and sensors, the ship is capable of transporting nearly 100 vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles, on the vehicle deck, as well as landing vehicles and boats.

TCG Anadolu, which has the ability to transport the necessary combat and support vehicles to crisis areas with an amphibious battalion, will be able to participate in landing operations with the vehicles it will carry in its pool.

The Multi-Purpose Amphibious Ship TCG, built with a full load displacement of 27 thousand 436 tons, 231 meters in length and 32 meters in width, can be used in the Anatolian, Aegean, Black Sea, and Mediterranean operational areas and, when necessary, in the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

Using SİHAs as a ‘herd’ for the first time in the world, Turkey is preparing to introduce a new concept to the history of naval warfare.

Bayraktar TB3 SİHA, which will be used in Turkey’s largest warship with a length of 232 meters to be included in the inventory, is preparing for its first flight.

Turkey, which will deploy between 30 and 50 SİHAs to TCG Anadolu, will have broken new ground in the world with this move.

TCG Anadolu, built in line with the needs of the Turkish navy, will be able to hold 8 fully equipped helicopters. A battalion will be able to dispatch full-fledged soldiers to the desired region.

Ship length and width: 232×32 m
Maximum height: 58 m
Maximum speed: 21 knots
Range of movement: 9,000 miles

Heavy cargo garage: 1.410 m²
Light cargo garage: 1.880 m²
Ship dock: 1.165 m²
Hangar: 900 m²
Flight deck: 5.440 m² Warplane
capacity: 6 warplanes
Attack helicopter capacity: 4 T-129 Attack

The ship, which will be used as a multi-purpose amphibious assault ship, has the capacity to carry 1,400 people.

It will be able to land an amphibious battalion without the need for communication, combat, and support vehicles.

Aside from its seven-hundred-man amphibious force, the Anadolu ship, which can accommodate eight sea landing craft, will have a military hospital with a capacity of at least thirty beds, including an operating room, dental treatment units, intensive care, and infection rooms.

source yenişafak

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