İsmail Demir: Our air defense systems are coming into play

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir made special statements to TRT Haber during his visit to Azerbaijan: Our air defense systems are activated, mass production has begun.

İsmail Demir, President of the Presidential Defense Industry, went to Azerbaijan to hold a series of contacts. Drawing attention to the effectiveness of domestic armament and ammunition in the Karabakh Victory, Demir gave information about the latest situation in the defense industry.

Making special statements to TRT Haber, Demir announced that domestic air defense systems have been activated, mass production has started and their deliveries will be made:

“There has been a great interest in defense industry products, and it will continue to emerge. We see that this interest is going much higher. No matter how much we say how good our product is, it is a very important indicator to see beyond words and to prove its effectiveness especially in the field …”

“Foreign sourced systems will become local”

Saying, “We will see the localization of some foreign-sourced systems in 2021,” Demir pointed out that there will be steps taken in the field of explosives and various chemicals that make up the infrastructure, namely the ammunition, and that unmanned land, sea and air vehicles will become widespread:

“This is a journey and it will be continuous. The technology will go back and forth. Putting the product on the field as soon as possible, seeing the maturation process in the field and traveling with feedback is a much more effective method. We will see that we bring this to life,” he said.

İsmail Demir drew attention to the fact that the contacts with Azerbaijan continue in a spirit of friendship and brotherhood: “During the Karabakh operation, we saw that Azerbaijan’s efforts in the negotiation table for years to save its territories from occupation came to nothing and after they did not get any results, they took the job into their own hands and took the field back to the field. the capabilities and products they put forward have become very important. “

“Partnership with Azerbaijan is on the agenda”

Stating that Azerbaijan is interested in all Turkish products that show talent in the field and make a difference, Demir made the following statements:

“Together with the lessons learned during the operation, both countries must be ready to be stronger. Our activities continue afterwards as well as during the war with our brothers. Establishing facilities, establishing partnerships, technology sharing and transfer with Azerbaijan are on the agenda … We need to take a quick step because the result.” These speeches are important in terms of planning the work and establishing strategies. The country needs to do it, and a close cooperation and partnership is important here, too.

We continue our activities in order to carry our existing capabilities in the defense industry and technologies to a further level, to bring the cooperation, friendship and labor force of the two countries together in the indigenization of the defense industry and the creation of national products. As part of these activities, we carry out our current visits. This visit will hopefully be a new step towards the development of joint work. Visits and contacts will continue. We are here to create this structure as basically the roof of the defense industry organization in the state. “

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