The digital game industry in Turkey grew by 29%

The digital game industry in Turkey grew by 29% compared to the previous year, with the effect of the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) has published the “2020 Digital Games Report” prepared by the “Safe Internet Center” regarding the game industry that has grown and developed with the epidemic process.

According to the report, while the world was going through a difficult period during the epidemic that marked 2020, the length of time people stayed at home increased.

In this case, the digital game industry took its place among the sectors that are getting stronger and growing day by day.

The market is estimated to exceed $295 billion

Pointing out that the sector in question increased by 9.3 percent on a global scale in 2020, reaching $159 billion, with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, it was stated that the market is estimated to exceed $295 billion by 2026.

In the report, which states that the digital game industry made the biggest increase in mobile games during the epidemic period, it was reported that 77.2 billion dollars of revenue was obtained in 2020 with these games.

Turkish digital game industry

In the report, it was stated that the digital game industry in Turkey continued to grow in 2020, as it does every year, and there was a rapid progress especially in the mobile game industry this year, with the effect of the epidemic, and it was noted that the industry broke a record with a growth of 29 percent last year compared to the previous year.

In the report, it was stated that the number of game developer companies rose to 239 in Turkey, where Turkish games attracted 2 times more attention than the world average and the number of downloads was 759 thousand 470 on average, and the following information was shared:

“Last year in Turkey, an average of 79 percent of adults played mobile games, 81.7 percent of them were women and 76.5 percent were men, people who were locked in their homes due to the epidemic showed great interest in mobile games, and people played an average of 4 games a day. It was determined that he spent more than an hour playing games.”

Awareness raising studies in Turkey in the field of digital games

In the report, it was emphasized that BTK attaches great importance to the issue of digital games, and the following statements were made regarding the awareness raising activities in this field:

“At different dates, activities, symposiums, workshops and trainings were held under the coordination of associations and the Ministry of Family and Social Services, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports related to the theme of ‘Digital Games’, and recommendations and suggestions were made on the future of the game industry. Children’s ‘ Digital games are designed for safe play on tr’ website.

There are also various activities and e-book contents on the site. portal was put into service. The portal found blog posts about digital games, current news, scientific studies and reports, parental control tools, and reviews of popular games on the market.

In the report, in the “” portal, presentations within the scope of raising awareness about digital games, blog posts about digital games, as well as guides and reports, as well as the Safe Internet Center Mobile (GIBM) application, which is an awareness-raising content network on the Internet, can be used by the whole society. It has been reported that the GİM Mobile Application has been put into service.

In the report, it was stated that news, blog posts and other sources containing information and advice in the field of internet and technology can be accessed with the application.

“Against the increasing concerns of parents about finding and choosing reliable media content for their children on the Internet, there is also information on reliable media content that has passed the ‘Rating System’ in the GIM Mobile Application. 2020 Digital Games Report, A Brief History of the Digital Games Industry in the World and Turkey, in the World and in Turkey” It also provides important information on many subjects such as the e-Sports Industry, Awareness Studies in the World and Turkey in the Field of Digital Games, and Studies in the World in the Rating of Digital Games.”

The report can be accessed from the address “ (”.

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